IFS Progress Food v3 - Assessor Course (e-learning)


Product number: GMF-AC-11
Product information "IFS Progress Food v3 - Assessor Course (e-learning)"

This course will guide you through the different and most important parts of the IFS Progress Food v3. We will explain the structure of the program. We will take you through the assessment protocol to see what are the main rules of an IFS Assessment.

You’ll discover the highlights of the checklist for both basic and intermediate level and use of IFS Progress Scoring System. Finally, we will end up with an important part of the assessment process which is how to write an IFS Assessment Report and its main characteristics. 

Enjoy your journey!

Key take aways:

·       To learn about the IFS Assessment and its involved processes
·       To introduce the IFS Progress Food v3 requirements and scoring system and apply them in the performance of IFS Assessments
·       To practice assessment techniques, including cross-checking, focusing in the collection of objective evidences, making the most of the assessment duration
·       To learn about how to assess different requirements and describe and score findings based on objective evidence
·       To know about the importance of writing a good assessment report
·       To be formally training for your initial qualification as an IFS Assessor according to program`s rules in Part 3.