IFS Food Version 7- Elearning
Do you want to know more about the IFS Food 7 standard? This e-learning based on IFS Food v7 standard gives you the opportunity to learn what are the main changes of this version, the requirements in the checklist and all rules within the certification protocol. You will be able to have a deeper look in the standard and understand what is expected from the companies. Within this module, you will find out examples and guidelines about all new concepts and requirements, as well as explanations about the new IFS Scoring System among others. This version follows the IFS risk-based approach which enables individual risk assessments and creates a focus on the areas of importance to the unique processes of each company.  Who should sign up?All interested parties around the food area who would like to become familiar with the new changes of the IFS Food V7 Standard Language: English, upcoming French, German and Italian.

Product and Food Safety Culture
Get ready to get insights in Product and Food Safety Culture, learn how it is addressed in the different IFS Product Standards, what are the benefits and why it is important to introduce this concept in companies´ mindset and behaviors. Within this module available in English, you will find out examples and guidelines to explain the key concepts around Product Safety Culture and typical questions that an IFS Auditor or an assessed company can ask to review the compliance with Product Safety Culture aspects. Companies that take Product and Food Safety Culture commitment seriously are likely to have better audit outcomes. Who should sign up? This module is perfect for all staff working at food production, retail companies and consultants who wish to learn more about the concept of product and food safety culture and how to improve the actions needed onsite. Language: English